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The Schönbrunn Imperial Summer Palace Tour

Operating Times : daily 10am and 2pm

Duration: 2.5 hours

Price: €120/person, entrance fees are included

Size of public group is limited to 15 persons,


or Private Groups : € 350/group (max 6 Pers., startup time by agreement, no entrance fees included).

Hotel pick-up service and personal tours are welcome. Contact me to book Your Vienna Tour.

Not many sights in Vienna fascinate like the Schönbrunn Palace. The appearance of its impressive baroque façade is one that will linger in the memory.


The French-style gardens with rose beds and fountains decorated with mythological figures make a harmonious background to the Schönbrunn Palace. The whole complex of the palace and gardens is on UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage List.

Once a hunting lodge of the royal family, Schönbrunn was demolished during the second Turkish siege of Vienna in the 17th century. During the reign of Leopold the famous baroque architect Johann Fisher von Erlach restored it to its former splendour. Empress Maria Theresa transformed Schoenbrunn to the main summer residence of Viennese court. The Rococo interiors of the palace still remind of the time of extraordinary glory.

Meet your tour guide next to the entrance to Schönbrunn Palace and enjoy a guided tour to the Palace State Apartments and Gardens.

The first part of the tour takes you through extravagantly decorated, chandelier-lit rooms such as the imperial bedroom, Napoleon Room, Millions Room, and Marie Antoinette Room. Finest of all is the Great Gallery where the Habsburgs celebrated superb balls and parties. This was where the famous meeting between J.F. Kennedy and the Soviet President Khrushchev occurred in 1961.

The second part of tour is reserved for Schönbrunn Palace Gardens. Wander through the French-style former imperial gardens, which were opened to the public in the 18th century. See many attractions hidden in the tree-lined avenues. Visit the Roman Ruins, the Neptune Fountain, and the Gloriette. The view of the city from the Gloriette is one of the best in Vienna.


Schönbrunn is a brilliant attraction and deserves at least half a day of your time.

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